Club Policies

Effective from December 1st, 2010 Table of Contents

Responsible Conduct of Gambling Policy

The Club aspires to achieve a harm minimisation objective with regard to Responsible Conduct of Gambling by: 1.    Providing gambling services and practices that adhere to the specific guidelines as set out in the legislation. 2.    Not providing free alcohol or offering free credits to anyone playing a gaming machine. 3.    Providing a pleasant and safe gambling environment. 4.    Providing a self exclusion program to assist patrons whom may have a gambling problem.
  • If a Patron approaches a staff member regarding self exclusion, you cannot ignore the Patron as you have a legal obligation to act on the request. This is a very big step taken by the Patron to not only admit that there is a problem, but to also seek information or even exclusion from the Club.
  • Staff are to act professionally at all times and to immediately request assistance from the Office Manager or the Secretary Manager.
  • If a Patron has asked for help, the procedure must be kept confidential.
5.    Introducing procedure for handling personal information in a strictly confidential manner.
  • All gaming bets and wins are to be kept strictly confidential
  • Any patron approaching staff about self exclusion is to be passed onto the Secretary Manager and kept strictly confidential
6.    Minors
  • Minors are not permitted to gamble.
  • Minors are not permitted in the Gaming Area
  • Minors can be admitted to certain unrestricted areas of the Weston District Workers Club when they are accompanied by a responsible adult, who is defined as:
    • A parent, step parent or guardian
    • A person who for the time being has a parental responsibility for the minor
    • The minor’s spouse or any person who, although not legally married to the minor, ordinarily lives with the minor as the minor’s spouse, on a permanent and domestic basis. ** This does not include friends who are over 18 **
7.  Informing patrons and staff of the Club’s responsible gambling policy and programs as well as the availability of support for problem gamblers
  • – Pamphlets and cards must always be available in the gaming areas for the patrons about counselling services
  • G-line (NSW) counselling service 1800 633 635

Responsible Service of Alcohol Policy

The Board of Directors, Management Team and Staff shall be committed to R.S.A. for the best interest of the Club’s members and guests. Responsible serving of alcohol is vital for legal, health and community reasons. Our society is now less tolerant of the irresponsible use of alcohol that leads to drunkenness, drink driving and under age drinking. We are now far more aware of the serious social problems that are associated with such behaviour. Weston Workers Club has adopted the following house policy, which provides a framework for the responsible service of alcohol:
  • In order to prevent under age access and drinking our staff will require proof of age to be provided when requested.
  • Persons who are intoxicated will be refused admission by our staff
  • We will refer to intoxication signs in order to support our responsible attitude and meet the requirements of legislation.
  • Any patron in this establishment will be denied service by our staff if they are considered to be intoxicated
  • We will educate our staff and our patrons as part of our duty of care to ensure that they understand the implications and abide by our responsible service of alcohol policy
  • Our staff will support and actively promote initiatives to minimise drink driving in order to safeguard the well being of our patrons.
Weston Workers Club will assist to implement these strategies by:
  • Implementing, monitoring and modification on an on-going basis of the house policy
  • Prevention of under-age drinking by insisting on “proof of age” by requesting a driver’s license, passport or “proof of age card” issued by the NSW Roads and Traffic authority
  • Prevention of intoxication by recognising the signs of intoxication and refusing service to anyone to the point of intoxication. We will deny entry or service to anyone who is already intoxicated
  • Promote the service of non-alcoholic beverages, low alcohol beers and food
ALCOHOL AND THE LAW In NSW various acts control the sale and service of alcohol. There are four basic points, which are relevant to responsible serving practices.
  • A person shall not sell or supply liquor to a person under the age of 18 years
  • A person shall not sell or supply any liquor to any person who is at the time in a state of intoxication
  • Where a person is intoxicated on the licensed premises the licensee shall be deemed to have permitted intoxication on the premises unless they and their employees took all reasonable steps to prevent intoxication on the licensed premises.
Our responsible serving practices aim to
  • Prevent under-age drinking
  • Prevent intoxication and intoxicated behaviour
  • Prevent violent or disruptive behaviour
  • Prevent drinking and driving
PREVENT UNDER-AGE DRINKING We feel it is the responsibility of every Weston Workers Club staff member to ensure that we are not breaking the law by allowing under age drinking on the premises. The only proof of age we will accept are a current photo drivers’ license, proof of age card or passport. Weston Workers Club BAR STAFF: it is our direct responsibility to check the age of all persons that we suspect are under age when they are ordering drinks. Report any refusal of service to the Manager or Supervisor. Don’t assume that because they got past the door they must be over age. If in doubt check I.D. ALL OTHER STAFF: our role is one of surveillance and Weston Workers Club staff will report any suspicious persons to the Supervisor or Manager. Weston Workers Club believes if in doubt, our staff will always check. We feel it is better to be over cautious than to break the law and place the trading license of your establishment in jeopardy. If a patron causes a fuss, Weston Workers Club staff will politely explain to them that by law it is our responsibility and that unfortunately if they don’t have identification, we cannot serve them – always bringing these instances to the attention of the manger or supervisor. PREVENTING INTOXICATION By law it is an offence to sell or supply any liquor to any person who is at that time in a state of intoxication, (the state of intoxication can be described as a state in which through intoxicating liquor a person has severely lost the normal control of his/her bodily and mental faculties). Weston Workers Club will assist to ensure that we prevent intoxication by: –
  • Actively marketing low or non-alcoholic drinks through pricing and promotion
  • Encouraging customers to have non-alcoholic drinks in between rounds
  • Promoting food sales (when applicable)
  • Refusal of service
If Weston Workers Club staff suspect someone has had too much to drink inform the supervisor or manager. PREVENTION OF INTOXICATED, VIOLENT OR QUARRELSOME BEHAVIOUR It is the policy of Weston Workers Club not to allow intoxicated, violent or quarrelsome behaviour in or around your establishment. Report any person who is acting in or beginning to act in an offensive or violent manner to the supervisor or manager immediately. Weston Workers Club staff will try to pre-empt a problem and alert the supervisor or manager. IN SUMMARY The policy at Weston Workers Club is very clear, we want all guests to enjoy themselves. For many people alcohol is a pleasurable part of their daily life and we respect that. We are here to serve people with alcoholic beverages, professionally, in a friendly manner and responsibly. This policy in no way limits people’s choice to drink and enjoy themselves. We want all customers to enjoy themselves. What we don’t want to do is allow people to drink to excess and place themselves, our other patrons and the community, at risk.

Occupational Health & Safety

Weston Workers Club recognises that health and safety is an integral part of our club. We recognise our responsibility to provide and maintain so far as is practicable a working environment that is safe and without risks to health. We recognise that our duty of care includes:
  • Consultation with employees in relation to OH&S issues;
  • Providing and maintaining safe working environments and systems of work which is regularly reviewed;
  • Conducting workplace inspections and assessments to identify, assess and control any potential risks to our employees;
  • Providing information, instruction, training and supervision for all employees enabling them to work in a safe and healthy manner;
  • Reporting and recording all hazards, incidents, accidents, investigation, injuries and illnesses.
By working together as a team we can create a safe, enjoyable and friendly atmosphere for all. Our aim is to minimise work related injuries / illness and we are committed to the reduction and prevention of accidents that may cause injury to employees, members, contractors and visitors. In fulfilling the objectives of this policy, we are committed to regular consultation with employees to ensure that the policy operates effectively and that health and safety issues are regularly reviewed. We also recognise and work within the bounds of all relevant State and Federal Occupational Health and Safety and Workers Compensation legislation. We advocate that Occupational Health and Safety is both an individual and shared responsibility where everyone employed by Weston Workers Club must support Occupational Health and Safety initiatives and ensure their jobs are performed safely. To this end: Managers undertake to:
  • Consult with employees when addressing safety issues;
  • Identify, assess and control hazards in the workplace in order to minimise the risk of injury, illness or property damage;
  • Ensure the effective implementation of the club health and safety policy;
  • Ensure that safe work procedures are in place and observed;
  • Assist in the rehabilitation of injured employees;
  • Make regular assessment of health and safety performance and resources in co-operation with those with designated and elected health and safety functions;
  • Ensure that all specific OH&S policies operating within Weston Workers Club are periodically revised and are consistent with club health and safety objectives;
  • Provide information, training and supervision for all employees in the correct use of plant, equipment and substances used throughout the club;
  • Ensure they are informed of incidents and accidents occurring on the club premises or to club employees and elevate them so that health and safety performance can accurately be gauged and managed.
Employees are responsible for:
  • Performing all work activities in a manner that ensures their own and other employee’s health and safety;
  • Complying with the safety procedures, safe work procedures and management directions on safety issues;
  • Immediately report any unsafe conditions, equipment or injuries to management.
This policy will be regularly reviewed in the light of legislation and club changes. We believe that the success of this policy depends upon the commitment of all employees towards maintaining a safe and healthy workplace throughout Blacktown Workers. All employees will be advised, in writing, of agreed changes and arrangements for their implementation.

Smoking/Non Smoking Policy

Weston Workers Club has implemented the following policy to ensure that we meet all requirements as per the Smoke Free Environment Act 2000 and the Smoke Free Environment Amendment Act 2004. There have been areas designated Smoking and Non-Smoking as required under the above Acts.
  • They are defined by the various information posters that have been placed in all entry areas and different floors of trade.
  • All employees have been advised as to their requirements to ensure that all patrons who use the facilities of Weston Workers Club abide by the requirements of the Smoke Free Environment Act 2000 and ensure that areas deemed smoking and non-smoking are used for those purposes.
  • Patrons are requested to abide by any instruction given to them by Weston Workers Club Management and /or employees in regards to where they may smoke and where they may not smoke.
  • Patrons breaching the above requirements are liable to fines under the Smoke Free Environment Act 2000 and possible disciplinary action from Weston Workers Club Board of Directors.
  • Weston Workers Club is committed to protecting employees, contractors and patrons from the adverse health effects of smoking caused by prolonged exposure to passive smoking in indoor public areas.
  • Weston Workers Club will continue to ensure that it meets all requirements as per legislation in regards to Smoking and No Smoking both now and in the future.
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